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We were born digital and for 12 years we have been redefining higher education by offering innovative learning experiences through a flexible and 100% online educational model so you can study and work at your own pace.

Learn on a digital ecosystem

We combine technological tools with our academic knowledge to offer benefits like these:

Graduate with a professional degree
Demonstrate your knowledge at your next job opportunity.

Global community
Enrich your education with people from around the world.

24/7 Virtual Campus
Create your own schedule with the classes, materials and support available.

US academic equivalency
Opens up a world of career possibilities.

Study with company
Guidance and support from an expert tutor at every stage of your education.

Pay the right amount for your education
Real, current and transformative education at an affordible coast.

Open up a world of International Career opportunities

We have certifications with Coursera from the best universities in the world:


+ Bachelor in Management
+ Bachelor of Business Administration
+ Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance
+ Bachelor in Human Resource Management
+ Bachelor in Management Information Systems
+ Bachelor in Organizational Psychology
+ Bachelor in Education
+ Bachelor in Computer Engineering

+ Master in Education
+ Master in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce
+ Master in Innovation Project Management
+ Master in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting
+ Master of Business Administration
+ Master in Data Science for Business

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